Amazing LifeFlow Meditation 2. Assessment & Obtain

Michael Mackenzie designed the LifeFlow mediation procedure. On his web-site he states that ‘within 8 minutes‘ you will start off to experience the pleasure of joyful endorphins and anti-getting old hormones flowing via your mind and entire body.

Bold assertion… appropriate?

From my private experience, this statement lives up to its claim. In just 15mins I encounter a calmer mind point out with pleasurable thoughts by my overall body.

LifeFlow mediation 2. is a fantastic brainwave entrainment method. It will choose you by means of successively ‘lower’ audio tracks to acquire and expand your head. This will foster ‘whole mind thinking’ or ‘whole mind synchronization’. Entire brain considering is when the two hemispheres of our brain, left and ideal, get the job done in harmony with each other. This makes unrivaled focus with a sturdy feeling of peace & fulfillment.

LifeFlow Meditation method captivated me for the reason that of the low cost tag, in comparison with other brainwave entrainment packages..Meditation has been scientifically established to aid you to decreased pressure and nervousness. It also assists to improve mental clarity..

There are a range of factors I choose to use LifeFlow meditation. I use LifeFlow mediation to place me to rest if I won’t be able to wind down in mattress.. I use it to loosen up and unwind right after a tense working day at perform and I only have to have to pay attention to the observe for 20mins to create the ideal influence. The whole 40min length of the track is ideal when I want to go into a deep meditation/reflection point out.

Even though you can continue on on with the rest of the software, my information is to seize the to start with observe and see how you go.


Lifeflow is composed of 10 Stages, divided into 10 40min audio tracks (mp3s). The tracks can be played on any mp3 player. Just obtain it and begin taking part in!!

Reward tracks:

1) Artistic Stream – $67 value – This track statements to “guide you into an enjoyable and inspiring theta brainwave point out affiliated with enhanced creativity”. To carry out jobs, that need to have extra creative imagination, I merely listen to this observe.

2) Optimal Studying – $67 worth – This monitor claims “You will increase retention and study with a lot significantly less mental effort”. I personally enhance my mental clarity whilst listening to this track.


The LifeFlow Mediation application proceeds to work very nicely for me. I generally listen to a monitor when I come to feel pressured out or anxious. I will both be up and about, or only lying down. It has a profound affect on my consciousness. The value of LifeFlow mediation is very little when compared to the gains. You can accessibility mp3s promptly. I advocate LifeFlow 9/10!

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