Heaviness or Over-Energized After Meditation?

Meditation on negative emotions, incidences or thoughts can have sudden results. 1 may not come to feel good and refreshed soon after the meditation and may well just say, ‘Ohh I am more than-energized’

Sometimes, we are certainly over-energized. At occasions, there is a massive downpour of divine vitality and we really feel heaviness throughout the whole human body. This is one sort of becoming more than-energized as nicely.

What comes about when we are in undesirable temper and we attempt to meditate?

When we meditate, there is a downpour of divine electricity from the crown (prime of the head).
As the electrical power enters the human body, it attempts to very clear the blockages. But we are nevertheless pondering about the undesired things that have designed blockages in the system and as a result, we knowledge pain in these spots.

The surplus energy need to flush down in direction of the stop of meditation. But it does not come about mainly because of blockages.

This yet again makes the heaviness sensation. Extra strength blocked in numerous elements of human body could manifest as a sickness, agony, psychological, money, or any sort of hassle in the bodily plane.

How to prevent these?

Meditation gurus tell us good deal of other matters to do prior to and after meditation, but we are likely to overlook them for the reason that we think it has no relation with meditation. The listing below may not include all, but some points that we can do to advantage from any sort of the meditation practice.

Physical physical exercise

Mild body movements just before the meditation will get ready the physique for electrical power consumption and some actions following will aid consume any surplus power.

Strolling will not suffice, since it does not make use of all entire body components. Bear in mind, the blockages, that block the circulation of electricity, display up in any aspect of the entire body. Motion of the body facilitates clearing of blockage and thereby producing way for refreshing power in the system.

Remember a Content Celebration

Any technique to activate the heart center at the commencing of meditation is important to stay clear of any destructive ideas. A person of the most straightforward method is to remember a happy occasion. We will need to visualize ourselves in that joyful second and re-stay the instant.


Yet again this is a quite vital procedure to flush down the negativity and make area for divine clean up energy. Grounding is performed in direction of the end of the meditation. A single can mentally say, “I am connected and rooted to earth” This facilitates coming back again to earth or the physical aircraft.


Bless the earth, loved ones, metropolis, country and all the persons about and in the reminiscences. Release the excessive electricity by blessing.

Group Meditations

When achievable, do group meditations. This will assistance hook up simply, in-situation 1 feels around-energized, one particular can acquire support from people all-around. 1 can also distribute electricity with the team.

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