The Risks of Therapeutic With Runes

The Age of Aquarius has provided us a new paradigm to perform with. This paradigm is the Rules of Quantum Physics. Merely stated, these legal guidelines explain to us that all is strength. The earlier, existing and long run exist in an infinite ocean of imagining strength called the Quantum Ocean in the Mind of God.

Therefore every single rune therapeutic, rune magical ritual and runic Shaman even now exists in the Quantum Ocean. The danger to you, the 21st century rune master or rune novice, is that when doing a runic therapeutic or a runic ritual there is a good deal of baggage connected to it.

Hence given that we are in a new age and have a new paradigm it behooves us to use it. Deliver the runes out of the Viking Age the place the risks be and into the daylight of a new age absolutely free of baggage.

Simply mentioned when you do your runic therapeutic and your runic magic don’t mentally go back again to the earlier the place the dangers lie. Carry the runes into the now and make runic healing’s and runic magic anew.

Enable me display some of the rune therapeutic hazards waiting for you in the past.

“And all along their way she taught him the runes, on her white hand.” Freya training Odin.

Runes have been made use of for war, for really like, for prosperity and for therapeutic and many others.

Egil Skalogimissn applied the runes as a sort of black magic. He lusted soon after a younger female and promised to heal her by carving the runes on a whale bone. What he really needed to do was to seduce her. She grew to become critically ill.

Egil Saga Poem:

“Individuals who carve without knowledge must not create the runes. Great misfortune will observe when the insider secrets are misused.
I have see ten letters carved
out of a bent bone
They brought on the pain
that tortured the woman.”

Any time you carve runes for an individual they will have to know about It and agree with it.

In the Saga of Bosi and Hernand is a hanging case in point of runes utilised for black magic.

” I wish you agony
in your breast
That venomous vipers
gnaw your coronary heart,
that your ears
are deafened without end,
and your eyes
place endlessly outward.”

Runes were also employed to “mend” or regulate the temperature, but at a selling price.

“The King Vikar Saga” The King’s dragon ship came against incredible high winds and they stayed in the vicinity of smaller islands for a very long time. Then they threw “rune sticks” into the ocean in order to diminish the winds. The outcome was that Odin demanded that a person from the company be picked by a attract and be hung as a sacrifice.”

Runes serve as a mediation amongst people and gods. What is the selling price?

So find out how to use the runes working with the new paradigm of the Guidelines of Quantum Physics and by move the hazards of the previous.

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