Therapeutic Secrets and techniques of the Pharaohs-Egyptian Healing Rods

For 3,000 years statues of the Pharaohs depicted them keeping two rods. The Pharaohs utilised the rods to encourage private energy, vitality, and non secular enhancement (to attune themselves to Cosmic Forces). They also understood the circulation of energies in the human human body and the relevance of balancing these Yin and Yang (feminine and male) energies. Accordingly, a distinctive style of rod was produced for every single hand.

Only the Pharaohs and their Large Monks have been ever permitted to touch what we now know are incredible healing gadgets. When the Egyptian dynasties ended, know-how of the reason and use of the rods was acknowledged only to a few solution mystical societies who kept their existence hidden until a European nobleman uncovered them to the globe.

In the early 1990’s, Russian clinical doctors, physicists, astro-psychologists, and experts jumped at the prospect to find out additional about these ancient applications. By means of many years of scientific reports and investigate they “reinvented” the rods used by Egyptian Pharaohs.

A copper rod (signifying the Solar and Masculine Electrical power) was created to use in the appropriate hand. A zinc rod (signifying the Moon and Female Energy) was designed for the left hand. Distinctive elements, like quartz crystal, are inserted into the rods, dependent on the meant impact, these as physical healing or religious progress. Russian cosmonauts, athletes, health-related medical doctors, researchers, and many others use the rods on a frequent basis to restore equilibrium, improve wellbeing and general performance, and faucet their interior powers.

When carrying out a amount of focusing on experiments,Dr. M.A. Blank, professional of the Oncological Middle in Pesochny, identified that the impact of the rods results in a exclusive affliction in the organism creating it additional successful at self-therapeutic. Dr. Blank indicates that the rods be suggested as a preventive treatment for individuals with transcontinental syndrome, whose business enterprise is connected with flights from a single time zone to a different (pilots, sportsmen, travelers, very long-length drivers, and so forth.) and when asynchronous modes of internal and external organism work causes headache and weak spot.

When held properly, the rods make an electrical conduit that moves by means of the entire body alongside the meridians employed in acupuncture, each growing power flow and improving upon the performing of the central anxious procedure.

Kirlian pictures, which reveals the electrical power stream in the system, reveals that 7 minutes of keeping the rods has the same impact as 30 minutes of acupuncture. The rods really “cleanse” the meridian method which will allow electricity to shift much more freely as a result of the overall body. They stability the human body and bolster the immune response system so the physique can heal alone.

The rods have been utilized to assistance lower the indicators of sleeplessness, tension, fatigue, higher blood stress, arteriosclerosis, gastric distress, cancerous tumors, and quite a few other sicknesses.
The investigation, carried out in June 2000 by Polish bio-energetic medical doctors, less than the leadership of Marek Stavisky, confirmed that: “A surface of the zinc rod radiates the ultraviolet spectrum. I use this spectrum for splitting the structures of malignant tumors and for freezing their exercise. A different spectrum, that appears on the butt-conclude of the zinc rod, is made use of for radiating the malignant tumors in advance of operating.” His studies present that the radiation delivered only by the solitary zinc Rod can be productively used for dealing with most cancers. A established of the a lot more highly effective rods employed as a pair supplies the radiation.

Egyptian Therapeutic Rods encourage the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems harmonize energies of partners when shared relieve discomfort enable harmony the chakras or energy facilities of the human body and encourage the system as a whole organism, as a result selling therapeutic.

Dr. M.A. Nikulin,a senior investigate worker at the Dzhanelidze First Assist Scientific Analysis Institute in St. Petersburg, concluded the pursuing following some healthcare investigations of the Egyptian’s Rods impact on the human organism were carried out: “When any pathologies inside a human body are detected we notice a thermal asymmetry amongst the sick and balanced elements of the overall body. Held in palms, the rods equalize this thermal asymmetry, consequently displaying their therapeutic effect.”

They build a powerful Bio-subject all around the entire body shielding it from damaging energies. Researching the rods at the Global Shaping Federation, Professor E. Ziminof Shaping School presents the subsequent conclusion: “The investigation of diverse forms of the rods did display, that the rods, when getting in touch with the human fingers, triggers a move of substantial frequency electrical power, impacting a person’s bio-discipline. As a consequence of this affect, a bio-field purification from international field inclusions takes area, as effectively as purification of electrical power channels. The performance of chakras’ performing, size of the person’s bio-field and energy of human’s physical overall body improve also.

All of us are exposed to destructive electricity every working day. These destructive influences can come from the attitudes of people we encounter, world events, environmental pollution, and the worry of each day dwelling. Each day exposure to these detrimental influences can only have on you down and go away you open to tiredness, depression, anger and condition.

The Egyptian Therapeutic Rods can restore your electrical power and lower the destructive results of stress and destructive power by supporting to return your entire body to its organic balance. The rods can enable you feel far more relaxed and centered. With your intellect crystal clear, you will uncover it a lot easier to target and achieve extra with a lot less tension.

If you operate as a healer, counselor or body employee, you know how operating intently with a lot of people each and every working day can deplete you. Using the therapeutic rods among classes can restore your electricity and distinct your thoughts so that you can give every shopper or patient your very best.

The views of experts in Tsigun, Yoga and other Bio-Energetic Tactics:… are almost the similar. The impact of the rods will increase the motion of “Chi” (“prana”) in the vitality meridians or canals. Thanks to greater motion of Chi, canals “furred up” by conditions are actively cleansed and a wholesome strength balance among the organs is restored. This increased motion of Chi will cause a pricking sensation or numbness in the guidelines of the fingers and a pulsation in the centre of the palms and soles. The course of action of clearing blockages may perhaps also bring about a pretty broad vary of sensations. Most generally transpiring are: a vibration, tension or bursting in sure pieces of the physique to the stage of a tolerable and rapidly passing discomfort, a ringing in the ears and a slight dizziness. As the energy harmony is restored these sensations vanish. Standard use of the Egyptian Rods, whilst observing a number of procedures in each day daily life, strengthens and reinforces one’s energetic opportunity. Enabling 1 to set up get in touch with with bigger sorts of intelligence and to manifest other outstanding capabilities related with a healthful and morally pure human becoming.

Frequent use of the rods deepens meditation and enhances psychological and psychic qualities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and relationship with the Stream of Lifestyle Pressure. They are strong applications for manifesting and co generating!

The view of Astro-psychologists:”… even the rods’ influence of shorter length (about 5 minutes) on human’s psycho-physical fields and energetic construction stimulates the focus of awareness on inner illustrations or photos created by it, enforcinga trance and meditative influence. Whilst a hypnotist might require months of trainings to achieve the vital concentration of awareness, employing the rods the coaching time decreases enormously, and the result recognized is much higher than that a single reached by standard solutions. Moreover, it is a rule of thumb, that making use of the rods both equally cerebral hemispheres come to be synchronized, and the potentials of the still left and correct hemispheres’ cortex equalize.

The Egyptian Therapeutic Rods are energetically conditioned in a 72 foot tall pyramid outside the house of St. Petersburg, Russia.

It truly is important to know some of the exploration benefits of the Russian Countrywide Academy of Sciences relative to pyramids:

1. As a result of developing a pyramid complex in an oil discipline in Southern Russia (Bashkiria), the oil turned lighter (much less viscous) by 30% and the generate of the oil wells greater as verified by (Gubkin) Moscow Academy of Oil and Gasoline.

2. Locations around the pyramids appear to have diminished seismic activity. As a substitute of just one significant highly effective earthquake developing, there are hundreds of tiny kinds. Also violent climate looks to lower in the region of the pyramids.

3. Newborns had been offered solutions that experienced been positioned in the pyramid and their health and fitness indexes enhanced enormously.

4. Agricultural seeds placed in the pyramid for 1 to 5 times showed a 30-100% enhance in produce.

5. The immune systems of organisms elevated upon exposure in the pyramid (leukocyte composition of the blood increased and there was an amplified regeneration of tissues).

6. Experiments with about 5,000 persons in Russian jails showed that in a couple months most crimes practically disappeared and actions was a great deal enhanced as a result of adding salt and pepper conditioned in the pyramid to the inmates food.

7. The potency of pharmaceuticals enhanced with reducing facet results.

8. When radioactive squander is positioned within the pyramids, there is a lower in their stage of radioactivity.

9. There are alterations in superconductivity temperature thresholds and qualities of semiconductors and carbon elements.

10. Normal h2o does not freeze even at 40 levels down below zero and retains its homes for a long time.

11. Synthesized diamonds change out tougher and purer.

12. There is an improve in survival of cellular tissue infected by viruses and microorganisms and the pyramids lessen the strength of many viruses and microorganisms.

13. When the cap was getting placed on the 22 meter Lake Seliger pyramid, Russian Military services radar noticed an electricity column mounting quite a few miles superior in the sky and scrambled fighter jets. Quite a few months right after this pyramid was created, the Ozone layer enhanced in the Russian atmosphere.

14. In excess of 40% of the mice injected with a toxin deadly to mice survived when the toxin was conditioned in a pyramid.

The rods and the strength of the pyramid, dependent upon Sacred Geometry, turn into synergized, making them effective therapeutic and transformational equipment. They characterize reducing edge technology rediscovered from historical Egypt which permit us to tremendously strengthen our psychological and physical qualities in a incredibly short period of time of time.

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